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What is it?

Selenium is an essential trace element found in many foods.

How does it work?

Low levels of selenium in the diet may have an effect on mood. Some countries have a low level of selenium in the soil. This in turn affects the amount of selenium available in food. It has been proposed that people living in these countries may need selenium supplements. The countries affected include New Zealand, United Kingdom and parts of China, Scandinavia and the United States. Australian soil is not deficient in selenium and the average Australian diet contains adequate selenium.

Is it effective?

There have been some studies which have looked at the impact of selenium supplements on mood in the general population. The results of these studies have been mixed – some studies found that people who took selenium supplements had small improvements in their mood, while others have found that selenium had no impact on mood.

A systematic review found that taking selenium supplements may be effective in reducing depression symptoms, however there was only a small number of studies included in the review. Selenium has not been tested specifically with people who have clinical depression.

There is some evidence that selenium supplements may help prevent postpartum depression, however more research is needed.

Are there any disadvantages?

Selenium can be toxic in high doses. If you would like to take selenium supplements, ask your doctor or pharmacist what dose is right for you, and ask it if might interfere with other medications or supplements you are taking.

Where do you get it?

Selenium supplements are available from health food shops. Foods rich in selenium include brazil nuts, seafood, meats and fortified cereals.


Selenium supplements may be helpful for people with a selenium deficiency. But, given the lack of evidence on selenium, it cannot be recommended as a treatment for depression.  

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Last reviewed and updated: 27 November 2023