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BluePages also offers screening tests for depression and anxiety (so that you can see how your depressive symptoms compare with the symptoms of others your age).

You can also read about moodgym, which is designed to prevent depression.

Highest quality evidence

BluePages maintains a high standard of information on interventions for depression through ongoing "systematic reviews". A systematic review involves a lengthy process of searching for all the scientific research on a specific intervention, and compiling and integrating the highest quality evidence. This is considered to be the most objective approach to evaluating different interventions (see Scientific evidence for more information about the evidence that is considered when reviewing treatments for depression).

Consumer understanding

The BluePages team is particularly sensitive to the issues facing sufferers of common mental disorders, with several team members having personally experienced depression or anxiety disorders themselves.

Honesty in advertising & editorial policy

The content in BluePages is based on systematic reviews of available scientific evidence and available resources. BluePages does not display advertisements, and does not host or receive funding from advertising or from the display of commercial content.