Types of help

You deserve help

Are you finding it difficult to reach out for help? Perhaps your depression is making you feel withdrawn and unable to cope with talking to a doctor. You might be feeling embarrassed, or that your problem is not important enough to 'bother' a doctor. Perhaps you imagine that depression is something you should be able to handle and fix yourself. You might even think that you are not suffering from a real illness. If so, you are not alone. Many people don't seek help for depression. However, depression is a serious illness and you deserve help.

Depression is a serious illness

Not convinced? Well just consider this. Panels of experts have found that moderate depression disrupts a person's life as much as multiple sclerosis, severe asthma or deafness. Imagine not seeking help for multiple sclerosis or severe asthma because you didn't want to bother the doctor!


  • The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has found that depression is the biggest source of disability in Australia.
  • The Australian Commonwealth government has recognised depression as a National Health Priority Area.
  • This recognition has occurred because depression is a very disabling illness.

People who can help