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Goldberg Anxiety Quiz

Take this quiz to see how your anxiety levels compares with other people of your age.

  1. Gender
  2. Have you felt keyed up or on edge?
  3. Have you been worrying a lot?
  4. Have you been irritable?
  5. Have you had difficulty relaxing?
  6. Have you been sleeping poorly?
  7. Have you had headaches or neckaches?
  8. Have you had any of the following: trembling, tingling,
    dizzy spells, sweating, diarrhoea, or needing to pass
    water more of than usual?
  9. Have you been worrying about your health?
  10. Have you had difficulty falling asleep?

Notes and references

This quiz was developed by Sir David Goldberg and his collaborators.

Goldberg DP, Bridges K, Duncan-Jones P, Grayson D. Detecting anxiety and depression in general medical settings. British Medical Journal, 1988; 297:897-899.